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Fridaudio. It’s not our first Christmas nor is it Spongebob’s… but it sure feels like the very first Christmas to me.


Stop Scrolling! MAKE A CHANGE! REBLOG!



Walking by the family television, I noticed that a new episode of Spongebob was on. As I caught a glimpse of what was going on, I was horrified.
Squidward was hanging up a rope, tying a noose with a sad look on his face, talking about how “this will make him feel better.”, as he continued to raise the rope, a birdcage was attached to it. And that’s not all. Another scene involved him putting his head in an oven, only finding out shortly he was pulling out burnt brownies. This episode is called; “Are You Happy Now.”
Squidward is depressed because he has no happy memories, like Spongebob does. I am extremely offended. This is a show for ages 6-12, and suicide is NOT a laughing matter in ANY circumstance. Even if these scenes were meant for adults, it should
NOT be shown on a”safe, family friendly channel” such as Nickelodeon.
Just recently, I had a classmate, and a close friend of mine, commit suicide, and it was indeed NO laughing matter. Please sign my petition to get this inappropriate episode off the air, and please forward this and share the link below.

if you guys haven’t seen this episode, you should watch it. it’s not funny. it’s rather distasteful. you don’t have to sign this if you don’t want to, but awareness is the first step to making a change.

Signed. When the episode premiered it triggered the fuck out of me because I deal with those kind of thoughts daily. Ugh…